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Our Mission Statement

This web site was created to prevent the history of Pacific Truck and Trailer Ltd., its employees and vehicles from fading from the history of British Columbia. With your help, it is our hope that over time, this web site can be developed into the official Pacific archives. Here, owners and enthusiasts will be able collaborate and share information and stories regarding the company and their vehicles.

Within the depths of this web site, you will come across a wealth of information to help you with your Pacific restoration or research projects.

2014 Cache Creek Truck Show

The 2014 truck show has been set for July 26th and 27th in Cache Creek, B.C. The show will be held at the Cache Creek Recreational Park right next to the community pool. For more information, check out the following link - hope to see you there!

Random Classified Ad Photos

1960 COE25-48

1974 Clipper



1972 P9

 Pacific Emblem

1985 P510PF

1975 C35-48

1971 P9

 P12W-3 Model

1971 P9


1985 P510PF

You can view these ads, and all others ads in the classifieds section.

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