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Pacific Truck and Trailer Collectables


Documented here are some Pacific Truck and Trailer collectable items and the story behind them. The intent with this page is to fully document all of the sales items, hats, shirts, etc. that one may find.

Valuations are not currently listed as this is not a page intended for the sale of these items, rather the documentation of them. Note that this page was a spur of the moment idea from one of the Pacific pages on Facebook so for the moment it is kind of thrown together

Images Context

During 1985 Pacific introduced the P500PF and P500PS series of trucks, designed around the new Pacific cab (replacing the IH cab). To celebrate the introduction of these two new models the hat was designed and produced, this black hat is unique in that it is the only time that Pacific used Oak (or possibly Laurel) leaves on a hat.

The "24 More pin" - The first two trucks of this model were serial numbers A01834 (P510PF - fibreglass hood) and A01835 (P510PS - steel front end); A01834 received the new Detroit Diesel Silver 92 engine. The pin was created to celebrate the 24 standing orders for trucks with the Silver 92 engine, the hope at the time was that there would be another 24 orders placed for trucks with this motor.